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About Danielle

Becoming an attorney is the realization of a life-long dream. I knew as a child that this profession called me, and although my journey to lawyerville was rather unconventional, through tremendous challenges, sheer nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and personal sacrifice, here I am.


I know how expensive legal assistance can be—I have first-hand knowledge. As a single parent, I never had money to pay an attorney when I needed help fighting a support modification. My resolve to finish my education and become an attorney was certainly strengthened after losing three times. Compassionate, high-caliber, and zealous advocacy should be available to everyone and this level of excellence should never bankrupt an individual or preclude him from obtaining justice. Lawyers are NOT just for the wealthy!


I had the honor of working in a pro bono legal clinic during the last year and a half of law school. Here, working with the indigent, I realized that this demographic could never seek justice but for the existence of these low- or no-cost clinics yet this is the population that needs legal assistance the most. I operate my practice in that spirit and to honor that handful of clients who made such a difference in my life, those who cheerfully demonstrated their satisfaction with my representation and reinforced that this is precisely what I should be doing as my life’s endeavor.

Ultimately, I care more about the client than the paycheck.

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