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    Legal services rendered on your behalf are billed in six-minute increments unless a flat-fee has been arranged. Detailed invoices are sent out once monthly. We accept payment by card, cash, check, and Venmo.

    • Initial Consultation: $100.00 for a one-hour consultation

    • Hourly rate: $200.00/hour 

    • Document review rate: $50.00/hour

    • Mileage related to your matter: $0.55/mile, $50.00/hour for travel time

    • Notary Services: $10.00 per notarized signature (photo ID required)

    • Estate Planning: We have flat rates for will-based estate planning. Trust-based estate planning is billed hourly.

    Do I have to pay a retainer? The short answer is: it depends. This will be discussed during your initial consultation.

    Payment plans are available upon request.

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